Dance videos

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Another, 2005

is shot on location in the well known Tartu Prison. Partly inspired by the fact that since its opening in November 2001 at least four intimate relationships have developed between guards and prisoners.

Open Source, 2005

Music, dance, drama and visual art join forces in a performance where everything is in flux – nothing is final and still everything is in its place.

Still from "Zimmer"

Zimmer, 2004

won the German Video Dance Award 2003/04. It depicts the body as a landscape: an overweight man slouched in front of the television, sunken so deeply into an armchair that it appears to have become a part of his own body.

While the Cat’s Away, 2002

An old woman who lives in her daughter’s apartment with a terrible fear that she is imposing on her child’s otherwise independent and modern lifestyle. When the daughter goes to work, the old lady’s gets a chance to express herself and make herself feel comfortable in her restrictive surroundings.
5 minutes, view sample

Still from "While the Cat's Away"

Still from "Breaking Voices"

Breaking Voices, 2002

depicts the story of a great operatic tenor, who is giving his most important performance to date. He is hoping for support from his ambitious backing vocalists, but as the piece attests, this support is not always forthcoming. The singers get restless and bored with their accompanying role, and music and movement shatters into what Helena calls “breaking voices” with dramatic results for everybody.
13 minutes, view sample

Red Buses, 2001

was originally created for a live percussionist concert and has since won critical acclaim, and a silver medal, at the Reykjavik Short Film Festival in 2001. Helena took inspiration for this piece from the well known Icelandic poet, Megas in collaboration with Hálfdán Theodórsson.
8 minutes, view sample

Still from "Red Buses"

Still from "Birgir"

Birgir, 2001

Birgir learned of Helena’s profession and was anxious to share his creative ideas with her as he was taking dance classes himself. The film was the result of a collaborative project fuelled by the spark that was initially felt between the two artists.
2 minutes, view sample

Days, 2001

is a seven minute film in which the artist transforms herself into several different characters. The piece focuses on the changing moods that one person may have from one day to the next, or even within the same day. Helena becomes an academic, a child and a philosopher all in the space of twenty four hours. This action takes place on a sofa, where each character meets and appears to converse.
7 minutes, view sample

Still from "Days"

Still from "Bid"

Bid, 2000

was created by Helena when she visited her friend in Norway. It was developed in the attic of her friends’ house. This film was one of Helena’s earliest and is subsequently one of her personal favourites. Helena made Bid just after she had bought a new camera and wanted to try out some of her dance moves on film. The resulting piece of work evokes feelings of claustrophobia, curiosity, frustration and melancholia, coupled with a playful fascination in sensation and the tactile nature of the building materials and furniture which surround the dancer’s self imposed isolation.
6 Minutes, view sample

6th Floor, 2000

There are so many moments that you just are tired of moving around. Or just glad that you found the moment of departure in your life. This time the girl in this film is already gone. We just wanted to see her taking the lift down.
7 minutes.

Still from "6th Floor"