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Open Source

Dance Theatre, 2003 – 2005

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Music, dance, drama and visual art join forces in a performance where everything is in flux – nothing is final and still everything is in its place.

What makes this work especially interesting is the dynamic idea of using the same concept and a similar script for new productions in different countries, using local elements to create different energy each time. It is an ideal challenge for composers, dancers, actors and visual artists to involve the ballet company, the theatre and the opera in the same production.

Open Source 2005

Reykjavik City Theatre, Iceland

Producers: Icelandic Dance Company and MyPocket Productions
Cast: Adalheidur Halldorsdottir, Yaniv Choen, Steve Lorenz, Philip Bergman, Gudrun Oskarsdottir, Hjordis Lilja Ornolfsdottir, Sigrun Edda Bjornsdottir

Open Source 2004

Galway Art Festival, Ireland

Producers: Galway Art Festival and MyPocket Productions
Cast: Rachel Wynn, Cameron Corbett, Enda Kilroy, Lynn Cahill and Mike Winter

“Under the direction and choreography of Helena Jonsdottir, the five performers effect a powerful stage presence, ably interweaving themes of language and literacy, of identidy and dependency.

The cast is a mix of dancers and actors, and, while this difference can be problematic, especially when all five are required to move fluidly as a whole, for the most part the marriage of Lynn Cahill and Enda Kilroy with dancers Cameron Corbett, Mike Winter and Rachel Wynne is a fruitful one.

Together, they handle gracefully the piece’s many moments of startling visual beauty, interacting both with the physical elements of the stage and with the narrative traces in the text to produce some truly wonderful images. As Kilroy and Kahill verbally dissect the art of writing, for example, the dancers become embodiments of what they describe, of representation, translation, editing.

Most brilliant of all is a scene where Wynne rises high on a full skirt wound from the cast-off garments, a caleidoscope of light shimmering on the screen behind her like an Icelandic sky.”

Belinda McKeon, the critic of Irish Times

Open Source 2003

Reykjavik City Theatre, Iceland

Producers: Reykjavik City Theatre
Cast: Sigrun Edda Bjornsdottir, Thor Tulinius, Gudmundur Knudsen, Katrin Jhonson and Gudmundur Olafsson